Sky-high expectations.

Let’s face it, ‘luxury’ is easy to find. And clients are getting harder to impress. But Burghesius does things differently. You’ll have discounted rates on homes not accessible via any other means. It doesn’t get more exclusive than this.

The benefits.

Unbranded PDFs.

Sure, it’s a small benefit. But less admin for you is always a bonus, right?

Early availability.

Get ahead of the game by booking any of our properties ahead of time.

Access to a hidden portfolio.

Our super-exclusive properties are simply not accessible by other means.

The two most important words.

Trust and rapport. Without them, we would never have access to such an exclusive portfolio. With Burghesius, agents and partners can rely on these qualities. The third is choice. From chefs to chauffeurs, our concierge has you covered.

Perfect for young, working families.

Modern parents need space to work. And for the children to play. Cookie-cutter hotels, no matter how luxurious, just can’t keep up. Burghesius homes are the Goldilocks solution: beautiful space, reliable staff and access to a like-minded community.