What does real
luxury look like.

When we started Burghesius, that’s what we asked ourselves – again and again. The answer, it transpires, is simple. First, we knew we had to provide beautiful, private spaces whose character share the story of the location they’re in.

But most importantly?

Perfect service. Sounds obvious, but in Rome it’s rare. The sort of round-the-clock attentiveness that makes you feel safe and special. Service that opens doors to people, places and experiences that create an easier and more exciting stay.

All you need to do is…

tell us the number of people in your party – and an estimate of your budget. You can then rest assured that we’ll match you to a small selection of our most suitable properties. Trust us, you’ll love the place. And you’ll love the service.

As standard.

High-quality linen and toiletries. Because a good night’s sleep and a restorative shower are the best kinds of luxury

Local concierge. And when we say 24 hours we mean it. We’re awake when you are, ready to deliver.

In-person meet and greet. After a long day’s travel a friendly face can make all the difference as you start your stay

A welcome basket and optional breakfast. Sometimes it’s the little things that last longest in the memory. Wait till you try our wine.

You should meet our concierge.

She’s in charge of our one-stop, sorts-all concierge service. So you need 100 red balloons and a heart-shaped birthday cake within the hour? No problem. Helicopter to Tuscany by nightfall? Our pleasure. Two tickets to the big show? Already sorted. Prego.

Our hidden portfolio.

There are homes in our collection that are so exclusive we can’t – and won’t – advertise them. They are quietly reserved for clients with the most exacting needs. We also offer a bespoke brokerage service to match you with your perfect Italian property.

We never say no.

That’s our running joke. Whatever you need, we’ll arrange it. If it’s impossible, you’ll be offered the best alternative. So, once you’ve picked the property that matches your aspirations, let’s talk about who and what you need to settle, connect and belong.