It's in our blood.

Our family has been here since medieval times, so we thought, “Let’s own it!” and used the Latin version of our name – Burghesius. All good fun. But what we’re really trying to say is we know Rome pretty well. Its history, people and most distinctive properties.

But there's a problem.

Rome, for all its storied glory, has one thing missing. Perfect service. You see, it’s a place of beauty and history, but it moves slowly. And so in this gloriously confounding city of ours, we come to you with an alternative. Bravo.

It starts with a question.

“How many people?” That’s all we really need to know. Then, through our little black book and insider knowledge, we’ll match you to a property in Rome, Tuscany or Umbria. A home that isn’t just suitable but genuinely excites you. We only do amazing.

An unparalleled network.
Razor-sharp service.

We know the needs of the modern traveller. Of you. Or, if you’re an agent – your client. Duly, our service is sharp, friendly and dependable. Combine that with access to the most beautiful homes and exclusive experiences and you have Burghesius distilled.

We don’t do stuffy or formal.

We’ve always wanted to offer something different. Luxury without formality. That’s why our service is dependable, friendly and familiar. You’ll be surprised at our prices, too. Our priority is making Tuscany and Rome feel like your home. Keen to know more?